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Benefits of Coaching

Show-Up Truthfully

Sometimes our presence can be misleading. Without realizing it, we can project messages that don’t accurately represent ourselves. A good coach will enhance your gravitas assuring your best version is present when you need it the most.  

Staying Factual

Previous experiences may have you jumping to conclusions that aren’t accurate. With the right assessment, a coach can identify facts to invest your time and energy in the truth about your potential.    

Own Your Performance

Once you focus your strengths and become aware of areas of development you can better focus on your growth. The Performance Development Plan you create is the blueprint to success. Your coach will keep you accountable to yourself.  

Identify Better ROI Goals

Setting and achieving goals takes time. Make sure your spending your valuable time on the goals that make the biggest difference. A coach will keep you focused on the objectives that really matter.  

Aware of Your Derailers

We all have blind spots that catch us by surprise. The coaching process reveals what others know about you that you may not be aware of. The coach will provide proven methods to keep you on the track.  



Professional Growth Masterclass


 Most successful careers are built upon a strategy and plan that capitalizes on professional strengths and expertise. Solid career planning starts with a certified coach accurately assessing your behavioral styles and motivational traits. Self-awareness coupled with the best practices of networking builds a foundation for skill set development and achieving career goals. Effective presenting of oneself with a resume and strong interview skills accelerate career paths to higher levels

Personal & Professional Branding



How you look, sound and feel EVERYDAY is your brand.

Your appearance, attire, posture, body language and facial expressions are the visual messages you send of how others perceive you. Verbally and in writing, your words, tone and inflection can accurately show you at your best or misrepresent who you are. Your behaviors, mannerisms and actions have a direct impact on your success in business and social situations. When coached properly you “show up” truthfully exploring opportunities to become your best version.

Entrepreneurial Development



As proven coaches, we know Entrepreneurs are committed to succeed, based upon a driven purpose and desire to improve the lives of their customer and clients. Creating a sustainable and scalable business model can be challenging. Our proven Entrepreneur Matrix Business Model provides a clear vision and strategy to build your base, execute your marketing, drive revenues, build your brand and protect your unique value proposition.

Effective Communications



How we communicate directly impacts the level of success in our personal and professional lives. To be an effective communicator it takes self-awareness, active listening skills and proven techniques that will build trust with diplomacy and credibility. Our coaching methods will show you how to craft your writing, master critical conversations and provide persuasive speaking presentations.

About Us

David Mazur



David brings over 20 years of Entrepreneurial Leadership to his Coaching Practice. He has mentored and coached numerous professionals throughout his career bringing a balanced perspective towards personal development and career success. 

In addition to his vast experience in Leadership, he has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years with more than a half dozen startups. As an adjunct professor for 12 years, he has taught numerous course in business, marketing, team building, customer service, strategic development, effective communications, sales and marketing. 

David’s practice is strengths based using a humanistic approach that builds upon opportunities that clients are sometimes unaware of. His ability to guide his clients through a positive process reveals aspirations that lead to impressive results. He approaches his clients with the belief that they are inherently capable of personal and professional development. 

He has received his Executive Coaching Graduate Certification from William James College. William James College offers the only accredited graduate school program in executive coaching in New England for the International Coaching Federation. David provides both individual coaching and group workshops throughout the New England area.

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