Leadership Visioning Workshop

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts”

  The Visioning Workshop is a 4-hour session is designed to bring leadership together. Through the discovery stages, the necessary steps are revealed to achieve the vision. The result is unique to each organization because the vision is created by working together to achieve a mutual purpose. The visioning process brings together the long term contingencies and newest members of the organization. The purpose of this process is to collaborate as many ideas and opportunities for future success from the group to determine the specific actions necessary to achieve the goals. The vision is a living document that begins by defining a shared commitment, providing direction and creating a framework to establish goals and objectives. The outcome helps the organization to optimize the best use of its resources. The visioning process is designed to guide the leaders to provide the input, decide on the goals, objectives, and action steps necessary to realize the vision that they have created for themselves.